This page lists guides issued by the ACCC for participants in the Consumer Data Right ecosystem. The Office of the Australian Information Commission has further guidance and advice on privacy obligations. The Data Standards Body has further guidance on implementing the Consumer Data Standards.

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These guidelines assist applicants on lodging a valid application to become an accredited person under the Consumer Data Right.


This guidance outlines the on-boarding process for new participants (data holders and data recipients) in the Consumer Data Right ecosystem.

Conformance Test Suite

The Participant Conformance Approach discusses activities participants are expected to have completed prior to the Conformance Test Suite (CTS).

The CTS technical guides provide detailed guidance on the CTS system for both accredited data recipients and data holders, including previous versions and version history.

The CTS connection data sheets provide connection specifications for both data holders and data recipients to enable interactions within the Conformance Test Suite.


These guides will assist data holders in the banking and energy sectors to understand and comply with their obligations under the Consumer Data Right Rules and Standards.


See the ACCC website and examples and templates for information relating to rule 9.4 reporting obligations under Part 9 of the Competition and Consumer (Consumer Data Right) Rules 2020. 


These guidelines outline the approach the ACCC will take in relation to applications for exemption under section 56GD of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 from one or more of the provisions of the Consumer Data Right regime. Exemptions are published on the CDR exemptions register.

CDR representatives

This guide focuses on the key requirements of a CDR representative arrangement and the steps a CDR representative principal should take to ensure that its CDR representative complies with the arrangement and the CDR Rules.

Joint accounts

This document provides an overview of the treatment of joint accounts under the CDR rules. The rules deal with sharing CDR data from a joint account and prescribe how sharing arrangements can be authorised and approved by joint account holders.

White label products

The following guidance clarifies:

  • consumer data sharing obligations in respect of white label products, and
  • when two data holders may agree who will respond to product data requests in respect of a white label product and, if they do this, which data holder remains accountable for the obligation under the rules.

CDR data

This document outlines the obligations of accredited data recipients in relation to the treatment of de-identified and redundant data.

Assessing eligibility

This document provides guidance for data holders in the energy sector to help them assess whether a consumer in the energy sector is eligible for data sharing in CDR under the CDR rules.

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