Accreditation guidelines

  • CDR accreditation guidelines - version 3 (376.8 KB) PDF 376.8 KB This guide aims to provide guidance on accreditation and other participation pathways provided by the CDR Rules and to assist applicants with lodging a valid application to become an accredited person. 16 February 2022


This guideline aims to provide information and guidance to applicants and accredited persons to assist them meeting the insurance obligation and is supplementary to the CDR Accreditation Guidelines and the CDR Rules. This guideline contains general guidance information only, and provides no views on the adequacy of any particular insurance policies or arrangements.

Information security

An accredited person must take the steps outlined at Schedule 2 of the CDR Rules to satisfy the information security obligation. These steps and controls are the minimum requirements that an entity must meet in order to satisfy the information security criterion to hold accreditation.

Sample applications and forms

Sample applications and forms relating to accreditation