Australia’s Consumer Data Right allows providers to develop and deliver services or provide product comparisons or quotes for consumers based on their real data. 

There are two types of providers in the Consumer Data Right system: accredited data recipients and data holders.  

Accredited data recipients are the ‘receivers’ in the Consumer Data Right system. These are the providers who receive a consumer’s data after the consumer has given their consent. The providers then use it for the purpose the consumer has requested – for example, to conduct a product comparison through an app. You need to apply to become an accredited data recipient under Consumer Data Right. You must also demonstrate that you comply with strict requirements to receive data.

Data holders are the ‘givers’ in the Consumer Data Right system. They are the providers who currently hold the consumer data – for example, a bank. Registered data holders are required to share a consumer’s data with a nominated accredited data recipient when the consumer directs them to. Under the Consumer Data Right Rules, some providers have been mandated to make their customer data available to accredited data recipients. This means that data holders in designated industries will have to comply with Consumer Data Right requirements as the system rolls out. Learn more about the designated industries in CDR rollout.

Information for accredited data recipients

Find out important information about becoming an accredited data recipient, including the accreditation process, your legal obligations and IT requirements.

Information for data holders

Find out important information about setting yourself up as a data holder under Consumer Data Right, including compliance and IT requirements. As Consumer Data Right is rolled out, it will be mandatory for data holders to meet certain requirements.