Data Holders in the Consumer Data Right report information about their CDR performance, including:

  • the percentage of time their systems are available to share CDR data; and
  • their response time - how long they take to respond to CDR requests.

The following tables provide this information for each Data Holder, noting some Data Holders are not yet providing this data to the ACCC. In relation to the data:

  • The higher the availability percentage, the better the outcome for consumers receiving data from this Data Holder - there is less chance their systems are not providing data when a consumer seeks access to it.
  • The shorter the response time, the better the outcome of consumers, because their data is shared more quickly with their ADR.

For the period 17 October 2021 to 14 January 2022, Data Holders' average system availability was 99.2%. This average excludes outliers. Data Holders are required to meet service availability of 99.5% measured over each month.

                                                                                           As at 14 January 2022

CDR performance - january 2022


Table legend

  • Green statistics - Data that is within the Non-Functional Requirements as defined in the Consumer Data Standards
  • Red statistics - Data that is outside of the Non-Functional Requirements as defined in the Consumer Data Standards
  • To Validate - An unexpected response received that requires investigation

Service availability

Service availability requirement for Data Holders is 99.5% measured over each month. The definition of a period of unavailability is any period of time when any of the API end points defined in the standard is unable to reliably provide a successful response to an appropriately constructed request.

The availability requirement applies to both authenticated and unauthenticated end points.

High priority response times

API end point performance will be measured in response time of individual API requests from receipt of request to delivery of response.

High Priority average response times should remain below 1 second.

Data refresh

Data will be updated monthly.

Data Holder brands that are not active

You can view a list of Data Holder brands that are not yet active on the find a provider page, as well as Data Holders that are active but that have self-reported potential gaps in their systems, through the Rectification Schedule on the ACCC website.


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