For consumers

These resources are for individuals and small businesses interested in learning more about Consumer Data Right. 



FAQs - November 2020 PDF 211.54 KB 2 November 2020

Sharing data on joint accounts FAQs PDF 126.06 KB 2 November 2020

General Consumer Data Right FAQs PDF 297 KB 10 June 2020

For providers

The following resources are for providers that are data holders and/or accredited data recipients under Consumer Data Right.


Digital events


Consumer Data Right Participant Portal User Guide PDF 2.38 MB A user guide to help providers using the portal to register to become data holders or to apply to become accredited data recipients. 29 June 2020

CDR Accreditation Guidelines PDF 444.68 KB Read or download the full Consumer Data Right Accreditation Guidelines. 4 June 2020

Accreditation FAQs PDF 380.67 KB See commonly asked questions and answers. 10 June 2020

Consumer Data Right Accreditation: Sample Application (Full) PDF 948.26 KB 3 November 2020

Consumer Data Right Accreditation: Sample Application (Streamlined banking sector) PDF 852.96 KB 3 November 2020

Supplementary Accreditation Guidelines – Insurance PDF 356.06 KB 10 June 2020

Supplementary Accreditation Guidelines - Information Security PDF 474.66 KB 28 October 2020

Accreditation Control Guidelines XLSX 37.44 KB 10 June 2020

Compliance and Enforcement Policy PDF 619.77 KB Read or download the joint Compliance and Enforcement Policy for Consumer Data Right. 4 June 2020

Consumer Data Right guidance for applicants seeking exemptions under Section 56GD PDF 302.78 KB 10 June 2020

Reporting form template - data holders XLSX 67.54 KB 10 June 2020

Reporting form template - accredited data recipients XLSX 57.26 KB 10 June 2020

Guidance on the reporting forms for product data-related obligations PDF 244.92 KB 10 June 2020

Approach to disclosure of product data: white label products PDF 111.69 KB 22 July 2020

Phasing table PDF 267.95 KB Summary of mandatory data sharing obligations for authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs). 26 June 2020