Data holders and accredited data recipients are required to submit biannual reports to the ACCC for the purposes of rule 9.4 of the Competition and Consumer (Consumer Data Right) Rules 2020 (Cth) (CDR Rules).

Data holders and accredited data recipients are required to complete and submit their reports by entering information into the Consumer Data Right (CDR) Participant Portal. A submission via this portal will satisfy the requirement that data holders and accredited data recipients submit their reports to both the ACCC and the Office of Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

Examples of the reporting forms for data holders and accredited data recipients as they appear in the portal are available below.

Accredited data recipients that are CDR principals will need to complete and submit an additional reporting form if they have entered a representative arrangement under rule 1.10AA of the CDR Rules. CDR principals must complete separate copies of this form for each CDR representative with which they have a representative arrangement, and must submit these forms by email to the ACCC (accc-cdr@cdr.gov.au) and to the OAIC (cdr@oaic.gov.au). The reporting form for CDR principals is available below.

See also additional reporting guidance for ADRs that are CDR principals in a representative arrangement.

Broadly, a representative arrangement is a written contract between a person with unrestricted accreditation (the CDR principal) and a person without accreditation (the CDR representative) under which:

  1. the CDR representative obtains the consent of a consumer to collect and use CDR data, and
  2. the CDR principal makes the consumer data request, and discloses the CDR data to the CDR representative in order to provide the relevant good or service to the consumer.

All reports must be submitted every 6 months, by 30 January and 30 July each year.

CDR reporting forms for purposes of rule 9.4