Consumer Data Right Privacy Safeguard 1

The first privacy safeguard for the Consumer Data Right is that providers must handle CDR data in an open and transparent way. Find out how you can comply.

Consumer Data Right policy

Providers in the Consumer Data Right system must handle CDR data in an open and transparent way. This includes having a clear and up-to-date CDR policy that is available to customers. Find out what a CDR policy is and how to develop a strong policy.

Consumer Data Right complaints

If you think a business has mishandled your CDR data or breached your privacy you have the right to make a complaint. Learn about the complaints process and your rights.

Achievements across Consumer Data Right in 2020 

Find out more about what was achieved across Consumer Data Right in 2020. 

Overview video

Find out what Consumer Data Right is, and how it will benefit individuals and small businesses across Australia.

How it works 

Learn how Consumer Data Right works in practice.


Find out about the consent process – how consent is central to Consumer Data Right, and what that means for you, the consumer.

Information for small business

Find out how Consumer Data Right will benefit small businesses.


Learn about how your privacy is protected and your data secured under Consumer Data Right.

The accreditation process

Find out how to become an accredited data recipient under Consumer Data Right.