On-boarding process

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) manages the on-boarding process.

Providers work with the ACCC to establish CDR Participant Portal access. Once access is to the CDR Participant Portal is granted, providers go through either the accreditation (if they are a data recipient) or registration (if they are a data holder) process. After either accreditation or registration is complete, providers must then complete the on-boarding process to set them up to participate in the system. Once providers completely the on-boarding process, they are ready to participate in the system.

Before you begin

Before you can begin on-boarding, make sure:

Step-by-step process

A summary of the on-boarding process is provided here. Consult the on-boarding guide for more information on the steps and actions.

  1. Accept PKI certificate agreements

    Carefully read the PKI certificate Subscriber Agreement and Relying Party Agreement.

    Both agreements are non-negotiable and need to be carried out before the provider can proceed to the next step of the on-boarding process. 

  2. Enter participation details

    Log into the Participant Portal and ensure that your participation details, including brand and software products, have been captured accurately.

  3. Enrol in the Consumer Data Right Conformance Test Suite

    A Conformance Test Suite enrolment form will be made available to you when you begin on-boarding. Use the enrolment form to provide technical details of the environment you will test in, provide a Certificate Signing Request for a test certificate and accept the Consumer Data Right Conformance Test Suite Acknowledgement.

  4. Confirm your environment is configured and available for testing

    Your environment needs to be set up and configured to allow communication with the Conformance Test Suite. Infrastructure changes, such as firewall rules or IP whitelisting, may need to be performed, as well as configuring the test certificate provided by the ACCC.

  5. Complete Conformance Test Suite conformance testing

    Read the Conformance Test Suite accredited data recipient guidance material for more information about conducting conformance testing.

  6. Provide technical details of production environment

    Using the Participant Portal, provide details of your production environment, including a Certificate Signing Request for a production certificate, authentication details and endpoints.

  7. Confirm production environment and readiness

    Your primary business contact confirms your production environment is in place and configured, with your solution ready to participate in the Consumer Data Right system, including installation of your production certificate provided by the ACCC.

  8. Receive Registrar activation on the Consumer Data Right Register

    Confirmation that all on-boarding steps have been completed and required information has been provided will enable the ACCC to activate the provider on the Register.

  9. Participate

    Once active, you can participate in the CDR system.

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