About the schedule

The ACCC monitors and enforces compliance with the CDR obligations set out in the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth), the Competition and Consumer (Consumer Data Right) Rules 2020 (the CDR Rules) and the Consumer Data Standards.

This rectification schedule sets out information provided to the ACCC by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) in its capacity as the data holder for product reference data for the consumer data right. We have published this information to provide a reference for users of CDR product data and consumers.

We expect all data holders to promptly rectify their non-compliance, and we assess all non-compliance in accordance with the ACCC/OAIC Compliance and Enforcement Policy for the Consumer Data Right. Listing an issue on this rectification schedule does not preclude the ACCC from pursuing compliance or enforcement action in line with this policy.

The AER is working to resolve the issues outlined, and we expect updated remediation dates will be provided in due course. If stakeholders have questions about the impact of specific gaps, please contact CDR-Support@aer.gov.au, if you have other questions about the schedule, please contact the ACCC at accc-cdr@accc.gov.au

This table is current as at  17 June 2024.

Impacted area Issue Proposed resolution date
Get Generic Plan Detail V2 Get Generic Plan Detail V2 became mandatory on 1 November 2023. This endpoint version is not currently supported. 31 July 2024
Energy Plan Controlled Load Energy Plan Controlled Load structure field names and structure do not match CDR Standards specification. For example, Standards provided that ‘rateBlockUType’ is a mandatory field. Instances have been observed where this is not provided. 31 July 2024
Use of text field instead of appropriate structured field No attribute for the amount of solar feed-in tariff caps eg. First 10kWh per day at 15c and then 6c thereafter. The cap amount is included in the description attribute as a string of text in an inconsistent manner. 31 July 2024
Energy Plan Contract The amount string refers to an ‘amount of currency’. The only valid currencies in the Standards are those outlined in ISO4217, which includes AUD (Australian Dollars). Current tariff values being returned are in cents.  Pending decision on CR644