Participant tooling is a key resource that assists CDR participants with the build of their CDR solutions. The participant tooling suite of tools will soon extend beyond the currently available mock register, data holder and data recipient to include a CDR Sandbox. 

What is the CDR Sandbox? 

The existing mock solutions include automation and self-service capabilities that allow participants to download the reference code for use in their environment when developing and testing their own solutions. The CDR Sandbox will build on this work and enhance the capability available to participants and their vendors to develop and test their own solutions in a ‘production-like’ sandbox environment.  

What will the CDR Sandbox offer?  

The CDR Sandbox will be a free tool that once released will provide the following features to new and existing participants: 

  • ability for participants to use their own test data to test against the mock solutions, or interact directly with other participants to exchange test data 
  • revised version of the mock solutions compatible with the latest rules and standards, which will be updated to include the energy sector 
  • management portal to assist participants with the integration and management of their own solutions within the sandbox environment.

How can the CDR Sandbox support a participant? 

The CDR Sandbox will facilitate participants in discovering and connecting to one another in order to test their solutions in a ‘production-like’ environment, and also allow them to test against hosted versions of the mock solutions.  

How to access the CDR Sandbox  

 You can access the sandbox at

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