Choice, control and convenience 

Consumer Data Right has been introduced in Australia to help people make the most of their data. It’s an opt-in service, which means you can choose whether to use it or not. Consumer Data Right also delivers broader benefits to industry and to the Australian economy. 

More about Consumer Data Right

More choice

When you’ve given an accredited provider permission to access your data, it can create a product or recommendation tailored to your situation. This means you can easily compare products and services and choose the one that suits you best. You’ll also be able to access new services that use Consumer Data Right data.  

  • Compare products quickly and easily 
  • Access more product comparisons
  • Choose the one that’s best for you 
  • Access new services

Securely share your data

Strong privacy and security protections are in place. All Consumer Data Right accredited providers must follow strict rules and regulations. 

  • You decide if you want to share information
  • You control what information to share
  • You choose who you share your information with
  • You choose when you want to stop sharing your information

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Control your data

If you decide to use Consumer Data Right, you are in full control of your data in the system. You choose who has access to your data, and for what purpose. 

You control:

  • The consent process
  • What information you share
  • Who you share your data with
  • How long you share your data for

This is all managed through the provider’s website or app. By law, this process must be easy to access and understand. 

Find out more about how this works in our video.

Products tailored to you

With Consumer Data Right you can more easily access better price comparisons tailored to your situation. Consumer Data Right uses your real data, rather than estimates or information you provide on a form. This means a product can be specifically and accurately tailored to your circumstances. Consumer Data Right will also pave the way for new products and services that can be created for you. 

  • Comparisons that use real data
  • Accurate, personalised comparative products and services
  • New products and services tailored to you

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Save time

Use technology to compare and change between products and services instead of spending hours filling out forms or on the phone.


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Benefits from competition

Consumer Data Right makes it easier to compare products. This could give more people an incentive to switch providers. In turn, this will encourage competition in the marketplace, leading to innovation, better products and better services. This will benefit consumers and small businesses.

  • More competition in the marketplace
  • More competitive products and services
  • Innovation

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