You can find frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs) on key technical areas of the Consumer Data Right system. These FAQs provide guidance to providers. The FAQs may be amended from time to time to address new developments as Consumer Data Right is implemented across banking and expands into future sectors, such as energy. You can also download these FAQs directly from the Resources section. 

Direct-to-consumer data sharing

Providers can find more information about the ACCC’s plans for consultation on direct-to-consumer sharing in these FAQs. 

View or download the FAQs below. 

Direct-to-consumer access FAQs PDF 95.84 KB 16 December 2020


Find out more about becoming accredited under Consumer Data Right, including applying to become accredited, sharing data, the accreditation criteria and information security. You can also visit the Becoming an accredited data recipient section. 

Read or download the FAQs below. 

Accreditation FAQs PDF 380.67 KB See commonly asked questions and answers. 10 June 2020


Read more about the Consumer Data Right on-boarding process. On-boarding prepares new providers for active participation in the Consumer Data Right ecosystem once they are accredited (for data recipients) or registered (for data holders). 

Read or download the FAQs below. 

On-boarding FAQs PDF 300.1 KB 9 December 2020