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This consultation closed on 21 November 2022. Read the final report.

For the CDR to provide benefits to consumers, the data disclosed in the ecosystem must be of ‘good quality’— that is, the data disclosed is accurate, complete, and in the required format.

The Statutory Review of the Consumer Data Right: Report  found that data quality is limiting wider adoption of CDR. The review recommended taking measures to enhance data quality, including enforcement action where necessary. The ACCC is seeking further stakeholder views on the impact of poor data quality in the CDR ecosystem.

The purpose of this discussion paper is to gather views on:

  • the prevalence of, issues arising from, and harm resulting from, data quality issues in the CDR ecosystem
  • approaches that may be required to address data quality issues from a Compliance or Enforcement perspective.

Please provide feedback on the issues outlined in this paper via the ACCC Consultation Hub by 21 November 2022. The ACCC will also engage directly with interested stakeholders. If you wish to register your interest, or have questions about the survey, please contact us via

This discussion paper complements other work that is being undertaken to progressively improve and uplift the regulation of the CDR. This includes a holistic review of CDR guidance, and the following proposed changes to procedures surrounding the management of technical incidents raised to the ACCC:

  • the implementation of Service Level Objectives for technical incidents raised in the CDR Service Management Portal. To the extent that incidents are raised in relation to data quality issues, this change will improve data quality by addressing slow response and resolution times to raised incidents, and
  • changes to incident categories, workflow and structure to improve clarity during the incident management process.

These are separate processes to this consultation. If you wish to provide feedback on these points, please contact

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Data quality compliance in the Consumer Data Right - discussion paper (221.89 KB) PDF 221.89 KB 28 October 2022