You can find frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs) on key areas of the Consumer Data Right system. These FAQs provide guidance to consumers. The FAQs may be amended from time to time to address new developments as Consumer Data Right is implemented across banking and expands into future sectors, such as energy. You can also download these FAQs directly from the Resources section. 

New data available for sharing 

New data sets are available to share using Consumer Data Right, if you are a consumer of the 4 major banks, from 1 November 2020. Consumers can now share their data on joint accounts and home loans, offset and personal loan accounts with an accredited data recipient.

Find out more by reading or downloading the FAQs below. 

FAQs - November 2020 (211.54 KB) PDF 211.54 KB 2 November 2020

How Consumer Data Right works

The Consumer Data Right FAQs include questions and answers on how the system works, who's involved, data available for sharing, the consent process, and the rigorous protections in place to ensure your Consumer Data Right data is shared safely and securely.

Read or download the Consumer Data Right FAQs below for more information.

General Consumer Data Right FAQs (297 KB) PDF 297 KB 10 June 2020

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